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SSCE, Week 2, Day 6: Welcome to the DANGER ZONE

July 7, 2010


Okay, so it’s the start of week two here at Parsons and things were a little, for lack of better word, goofy today.  It seems that everyone, myself included, seems to be finally settling into the studio space and rhythm of classes, which means that everyone is a bit more relaxed and open to joking around.  For instance, this was the scene on my desk after drafting class this morning:

Now, it may appear that I had some free time to construct this epic battle — I won’t lie, I did — but, everything you see here also had a purpose in our next studio project.  That’s beside the point though.  The point is that we are all beginning to feel more comfortable around each other, and we are developing somewhat of a camaraderie within our group.

It really started to show through today in our studio class.  As we were discussing our experiments with our small, random collections of items, we were all commenting on each other’s work and suggesting how we could take it to the next level.  There was a lot more of a comfortable discussion — a group brainstorming session, almost — than I think we had last week.  The conversation has also started taking interesting new turns into philosophy and architectural theory, and how they relate to our projects, out of genuine interest from people in the group, which has been really informative and fun! (I, in fact, started generating a reading list today from our discussions).

Our drafting class was also a bit more productive, in terms of discussion, than last week too.  Since today marked the due date of our first hand-drafted project, we pinned them all up on a wall to discuss and compare them, and I think now that everyone has had at least some experience with drafting that we can discuss them in finer detail.  I think we are also becoming more comfortable with Aaron, our professor, and Magnus, our T/A, which has contributed to a more relaxed and productive atmosphere.

Overall, it was a pretty good day.  To top it all off, at the end of the day, one of my section-mates, Jacinda, found a way to unite our entire section while re-purposing left-over supplies from the studio project:

We marked off our territory, warning any unsuspecting passers-by of the “dangerous minds and ideas” in the area.  Magnus didn’t appreciate the decorations as much as we did — he now has to limbo under the tape every time he walks through!

Please enjoy our new theme song.  And please be aware of jet engine wash as you walk by — you’ve entered THE DANGER ZONE.


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