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SSCE, Day 14-15: The Clock Starts NOW

July 20, 2010


So, today, after presenting our initial proposals for our final projects (our eco-transit station designs), our Studio professor handed us the list of deliverables due by next Thursday — let me summarize them for you:

  • Final Models: 1 – Site model with final site design at 1/16″ = 1′-0″ scale, 1 – Larger scale model or detail model at at least 1/8″ = 1′-0″ scale.
  • A large rendering, photograph, or drawing of the design
  • A series of interior and exterior views describing features of the design
  • A photographic light study of the model
  • A 3D computer rendering of the design
  • A 2D site plan (drafting)
  • (2) 2D design sections (draftings)
  • (As many as required) 2D design plans (draftings)
  • A CD or DVD of all of the above work, including photos of everything

Needless to say, more than a few of us had a minor panic attack after reading the list.

I am a bit worried, myself, given the amount of time we have to work on weeknights and where I am in the process right now.  As of this morning I had established this as my general design plan:

The design, for those who have been playing along, is based on my materials study I did with the clothespins last week.  I liked the general shape and visual interest in the structure, so I decided to pursue it further instead of start from scratch.

The main concept of my design is forging a transition from the experience of cycling to that of the pedestrian by linking the street (10th Avenue, above), with a pedestrian thoroughfare, the High Line elevated park, that runs alongside it.  As this structure will be used as a bike hub and place of commuter bike parking, I want to make the transition from cycling to walking to work as seamless as possible.  I also want to incorporate traffic from the High Line into the structure, by establishing a staircase that runs along the top of the structure, physically linking the High Line to the street level (not shown in model).  My plans for the interior of the structure are to keep it a wide open, light-filled space, with the floors stacking in a vertical (or stair-stepped) fashion against the High Line, so that all areas share the same open space.  I will then continue the use of the arching supports that form the exterior to brace the multiple levels of the interior as well as guide staircases and other small details.

These concepts are, of course, very difficult to illustrate without a more detailed model and/or many more photos, renderings, and diagrams, which will be forthcoming in the next week.  I will try my best to keep you updated on my progress, however, I hope you’ll understand if I fall behind a bit given the amount of work I have to accomplish.

Nonetheless, I am excited about the direction my project is headed, I just hope that I can get it all done in time!  I can see almost exactly what I want to do in my head, it’s just getting it down on paper and in three dimensions that is the time-consuming part.  I see a lot of long nights ahead.  Wish me luck!


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